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Working with a accounting firm that specializes in the cannabis industry is essential for marijuana growers and distributors. For marijuana business owners operating in states where the product is legal, properly allocating deductible and non-deductible expenses still creates many questions on the State and Federal levels. Only a cannabis accounting firm like Vineyard Accounting, LLC has the experience to keep your business in compliance and keep your books audit-ready.

Find out how we can become an advocate for your business in the fight against high taxes. Request your free consultation online to learn more or schedule a call with us today.

Tax Problem Resolution

If you’ve received an alarming notice from the IRS or the state, we’ll step in and deal with them directly to rectify the problem including filing back taxes and representing you in an audit.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Our role as tax advisors is to keep you out of trouble with local taxing authorities and define a strategy that ensures you take advantage of appropriate deductions and never pay more than you truly owe.

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